June 2018 Issue
Research Highlights
Photons are considered to be ideal information carriers and expected to play important roles in quantum communication and information processing, where quantum mechanics allows for absolutely secure cryptographic key distribution as well as computation much faster than conventional computers. In order to take full advantage of quantum information carried by photons, it is important to make them directly interact with each other for information processing.
CsSnI3 is a prototype inorganic halide perovskite that has recently been proposed as a strong candidate for photovoltaic applications because of its unique properties as a semiconductor.
Neurosurgeons conduct vascular recanalization for treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Successful surgery necessitates surgery the minimization of flow disturbances due to blood during surgical intervention. However, monitoring the flow of blood under surgery is difficult due to a lack of imaging tools for visualizing microcirculation in the brain.
There is an increasing demand for distributing large amounts of digital information to vehicles on the move. However, the current widely used cellular networks are not sufficient due to limited bandwidth in dense vehicle environments. Recently, vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) have attracted great interest for improving communications between vehicles using infrastructure-less wireless technologies. IEEE 802.11p is the default standard for providing vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications in VANETs.
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