September 2017 Issue
Takuji Koike is collaborating with medical doctors in Japan to clarify the origins of auditory problems as well as developing devices to support people suffering from hearing loss. "We are focusing on three main areas," says Koike. "Gaining insights into the mechanisms governing hearing disorders for the development of effective treatments; measuring the response of fetuses to sound; and developing hearing aids that are implanted into the bone behind the ear."
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The September 2017 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes a feature article about research by Takuji Koike on his “quest to find effective solutions to support people with hearing loss”.

The Topics section focuses on the convergence of science and art, focusing on the work by artist and UEC Tokyo associate professor Sachiko Kodama’s on her rendering of dynamic, three dimensional sculptures using magnetic ‘ferrofluids’.

Research highlights from high impact publications are ‘Radar for environmental monitoring: new algorithms for high speed and low cost 3D imaging’, Shouhei Kidera; ‘Astronomical spectroscopy in a laboratory: Direct and accurate measurements of electron densities of plasmas’, Erina Shimizu and Safdar Ali; ‘Nanophotonics: Integrating nanocavities into optical fibers with femtosecond laser ablation’, Kohzo Hakuta; ‘Two dimensional materials: Advanced molybdenum selenide near infrared phototransistors’, Abdelkader Abderrahmane; and ‘Laser science: Innovative solid state lasers with Yb3+-doped CaF2 - LaF3 ceramic gain media’, Shotaro Kitajima and Hitoshi Ishizawa.