September 2018 Issue
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The September 2018 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes short video profiles of UEC researchers describing their activities in areas routers and internet traffic, neuroscience, and remote sensing.

Research highlights from high impact publications are 'Isotropization of quaternion-neural-network-based PolSAR adaptive land classification in poincare-sphere parameter space', Fang Shang; 'Elucidating mechanisms of voluntary control of human multi-muscle', Shunta Togo; and 'Next generation router architecture: packet processing prediction', Hayato Yamaki.

The Topics section features research updates on 'Data science research on improving service design' by Kazushi Okamoto

News and Events are 'The 50th Anniversary International Symposium for Space Science and Radio Engineering (SSRE)’ and 'Researchers from Sebelas Maret University give lectures on thermo-fluid engineering’.