June 2018 Issue
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The June 2018 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes short videos of UEC researchers describing their activities in areas including photonics, solar cells, cerebral microcirculation in the brain, and distributing digital information to mobile vehicles.

Research highlights from high impact publications are 'controlling photons with a photon', Haruka Tanji-Suzuki; 'innovative CsSnPbI nanocrystals for photovoltaics', Qing Shen; 'technology for visualizing flow of blood to aid neurosurgery in the human brain', Kazuto Masamoto; and 'multi-access vehicular networks'; Celimuge Wu.

The Topics section features research updates on 'Theoretical aspects of cryptography: How do we know if the system is secure' by Mitsugu Iwamoto and 'Insights into quantum limits of materials: First observation of 100% valley-polarization in solids', by Yuki Fuseya.

News and Events are 'Coherent Optical Science Seminar on Information Optics'; 'UEC-ERATO Symposium on optical frequency combs and ultrashort pulse lasers; and 'The 33rd AWCC Seminar / IEEE Distinguished Microwave Lecture'.