September 2021 Issue
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The University of Electro-Communications publishes the September 2021 issue of UEC e-Bulletin

The September 2021 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes a video profile of UEC Associate Professor Shouhei Kidera where he describes his recent research on “Radar-based human recognition for self-driving cars”.

The Research Highlights are, Radar-based human recognition for self-driving cars,' Shouhei Kidera; and ‘Getting the most out of quantum systems,' Jun Suzuki.

The Topics is an interview with Yoshihiro Nakata, Associate Professor at the School of Informatics and Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering, offering insights into ‘creating robots to coexist in harmony with humans in the real world’.

The News and Events describes research by Hiroshi Kohsaka on the ‘relationship between the speed at which insects move and the environmental temperature’.