March 2020 Issue
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The March 2020 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes short videos of UEC researchers describing their activities on MEMS technology for fabricating plasmonic devices and molecular mechanisms controlling muscle contraction in the body.

Research highlights ‘In vivo bioimaging: technology to elucidate sex-dependent differences in skeletal muscle function,’ Yutaka Kano; ‘MEMS technology for fabricating plasmonic near-infrared spectrometers,’ Tetsuo Kan.

The Topics section features research on ‘Self-regulated learning: English tuition for students of science and engineering’ by Suwako Uehara.

News and Events are ‘Industry-UCB-UEC-Keio Workshop 2019’; UEC signs general agreement with UNS’, and UEC signs general agreement with Hanoi Medical University’.