The December 2017 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes short videos of young UEC tenure track researchers describing their latest findings in areas that include information science and laser optics.
Research highlights from high impact publications are 'Information science offers insights into the performance of pianist', Eriko Aiba; 'Hierarchical Opportunistic Routing with Moderate Clustering for Ad Hoc Networks', Ryo Yamamoto; 'Kerr-lens mode-locked Tm doped sesquioxides laser in-band pumped by an Er:Yb fiber MOPA 1.6 μm', Masaki Tokurakawa; 'Geospatial information extraction from SNS: Who said what from where!', Hideyuki Fujita.
The September 2017 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes a feature article about research by Takuji Koike on his "quest to find effective solutions to support people with hearing loss".
The Topics section focuses on the convergence of science and art, focusing on the work by artist and UEC Tokyo associate professor Sachiko Kodama's on her rendering of dynamic, three dimensional sculptures using magnetic 'ferrofluids'.
Research highlights from high impact publications are 'Radar for environmental monitoring: new algorithms for high speed and low cost 3D imaging', Shouhei Kidera; 'Astronomical spectroscopy in a laboratory: Direct and accurate measurements of electron densities of plasmas', Erina Shimizu and Safdar Ali; 'Nanophotonics: Integrating nanocavities into optical fibers with femtosecond laser ablation', Kohzo Hakuta; 'Two dimensional materials: Advanced molybdenum selenide near infrared phototransistors', Abdelkader Abderrahmane; and 'Laser science: Innovative solid state lasers with Yb3+-doped CaF2 - LaF3 ceramic gain media', Shotaro Kitajima and Hitoshi Ishizawa.
University of Electro-Communications Tokyo, Japan: Optimal Optical Science
The June 2017 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes feature articles about young researchers who are on the UEC Tenure Track Program covering research on 'eco-friendly organic photovoltaics' by Varun Vohra and 'post-quantum cryptography and security for Internet of Things' by Bagus Santoso.
The Topics sections focuses on 'fluid mechanics of table tennis balls' by Takeshi, Miyazaki, and 'innovative insights into artificial intelligence', Satoshi Kurihara.
Research highlights from high impact publications are 'Robotic vision sensors based on light sensitive bacterial proteins', Yoshiko Okada-Shudo; 'Digital to analog convertors generate bipolar voltages when coupled to a polarity switchable double flux amplifier', Yoshinao Mizugaki; 'Inference of Bayesian networks made fast and easy using an extended depth-first search algorithm', Chao Li and Maomi Ueno; 'Prosthetic limbs made user-friendly with polymer based elastic sensors', Yinlai Jiang.
The March 2017 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes a feature article about the unique exhibits displayed at the UEC Communications Museum, and covers research topics on 'innovative molecular robotics and chemical reaction circuits for intelligent molecular robots', by Satoshi Kobayashi, and 'insights into the health of non-regular workers in Japan' by Shinobu Tsurugano.
Research highlights from high impact publications are 'Hybrid rockets: Optimizing performance using design informatics' by Kazuhisa Chiba; ' Spectrometry: Miniaturizing near-infrared devices' by Tetsuo Kan; 'Relativistic effects pack a punch in high-temperature plasma collisions' by Nobuyuki Nakamura; and 'Nanoparticle-polymer composites boost holographic data prospects' by Yasuo Tomita.
There are also news updates including an overview of the 2016 Tenure Track Research Reports Meeting; Space Science and Radio Engineering (SSRE) Symposium; and Harbin Engineering University students and faculty participation in international academic exchange on 'Advanced Photonics and Laser Technology'.
The December 2016 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes a feature article on the research activities of graduate students and spotlights research topics on 'analysis of big data for peer assessment', by Masaki Uto; and 'the search for single-molecule magnets' by Takayuki Ishida.
Research highlights from high impact publications are 'Network traffic anomaly detection by machine learning' by Hiroyuki Kasai; 'Coding theorem defines decoding error capacity for general scenarios' by Hideki Yagi; 'Improvements in decision making algorithms' by Hiroyuki Sato; and 'Speech signal processing for enhancing voice conversion models' by Toru Nakashika.
There are also news updates including an overview of the Irago Conference 2016 is held at UEC, Tokyo, 1-2 November 2016.
The September 2016 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin includes a Feature article on 'innovative near infrared bioluminescent probes for deep tissue medical imaging' by Shojiro Maki; Topics on 'designing high performance network communications' by Eiji Oki' and 'design and analysis of information and stochastic systems' by Tsutomu Kawabata.
Research highlights from high impact publications are 'Quantum computing and trapping single atoms in a uniform fashion', Ken'ichi Nakagawa; 'Physiology and cell pH regulation revealed', Yutaka Kano; 'Neurology with a closer look at walking control,' Tetsuro Funato; and 'Space physics confirming the structure and shape of polar cap patches', Keisuke Hosokawa.
News and Events updates are 'Oscar H. Ibarra, an eminent academic from UC Santa Barbara, visits UEC', and a 'seminar by Dorota Gryko from the Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences at UEC'.
Finally, this issue's 'Letter from Alumni' is from Ihsen Aziz Ouedraogo, Social ICT Business Division, ICT Policy and Strategy Research Group, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
The June 2016 issue of the UEC e-Bulletin focuses on the research activities of female faculty members at UEC, Tokyo, including a feature article about UEC-vice-president Michiko Tsubaki and her research on 'advanced analytical service science based on big data'; Topics on 'superfluidity of helium in one dimension', by Junko Taniguchi; 'Japanese onomatopoeia', Maki Sakamoto; 'holographic optical microscopy and information optics, Eriko Watanabe; 'light sensitive proteins for artificial retinas', Yoshiko Okada-Shudo; and 'insights into musicology and sensory information, Eriko Aiba.
Research highlights from high impact publications are modelling bats' information processing by Yoshiki Kashimori; unusual miscibility of Bose-Einstein condensates, Hiroki Saito; and unlocking brain diseases with MRI, Yoichi Miyawaki.
Brain Science Inspired Life Support Research Center
Dr Chiao-Yao She shared his insights into the measurement and implications of atmospheric temperature and wind velocities in his seminar entitled, "LIDAR capability for atmospheric temperature and wind measurements and enabled MLT science studies".
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