Feburary 2021 Issue
News and Events

UEC holds the 7th UEC Seminar in ASEAN, 2020 and the 2nd ASEAN - UEC Workshop

January 4, 2021

On November 21, 2020, the University of Electro-Communications (UEC) held the 7th UEC Seminar in ASEAN, 2020 and the 2nd ASEAN - UEC Workshop on Energy and AI online in collaboration with Bundung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia, and the ECTI Association.


UEC Seminar in ASEAN has been annually organized by UEC ASEAN Research and Education Center (UAREC) of UEC since 2015. Although the seminar and the workshop were held online this year due to the COVID-19 circumstances, they were co-hosted in Indonesia for the first time by Bandung Institute of Technology. The theme of this Seminar was "Collaboration implementation and Study at UEC", with the aim of further strengthening collaboration based on the global network and promoting study abroad at UEC. Beginning with opening remarks by Dr. I Gusti Bagus Baskara Nugraha of ITB and welcome remarks by UEC President Tano and Prof. Suhono Supangkat of ITB, guest speeches were given by UEC's partner universities and government agencies. Following the guest speeches, members of the new and continued partners of UEC gave speeches in anticipation of future exchanges. Then, lectures on collaborative activities with industry and government agencies were given and international programs that provide opportunities to visit and study at UEC such as MICH program (the special program of governmental scholarship), JUSST program (UEC's inbound student exchange program), and the Sakura Science Plan, were introduced. The seminar was closed with closing remarks by Prof. Ishibashi, Director of UAREC.

The 2nd ASEAN - UEC Workshop on Energy and AI was held jointly with the ECTI Association. The workshop was started by the introductory talk from Prof. Kosin Chamnongthai, Vice Director of UAREC and former President of ECTI Association. 10 Invited talks with a focus on energy and AI-related fields, which are widely studied in Indonesia were delivered, and 24 poster presentations were given by mainly ASEAN and UEC students. In the Award session, "Young Researcher Encouragement Award" was given to student poster presenters. The workshop was closed with closing remarks by Prof. Pham, the Vice Director of UAREC.

A record total of more than 150 participants gathered at the seminar and the workshop, and have deepened exchanges for continued collaboration in ASEAN.

The next UEC Seminar and Workshop is planned to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, aiming for further international research and education cooperation and industry-academia-government collaboration in the ASEAN region.