June 2016 Issue
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Masumi Taki edits special issue of Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Masumi Taki, an associate professor at the Department of Engineering Science, UEC, Tokyo, has completed editing and publication of a special edition of the journal Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (CTMC).

The contents focus on research being conducted at UEC, Tokyo on "Chemical and Biological Technology for in-Vivo and Molecular Imaging". The full contents will be available on line soon.

List of contents
  1. Bioluminescence imaging
    • 1-1. Molecular origin of color variation in firefly (beetle) bioluminescence: a chemical basis for biological imaging
      Takashi Hirano
    • 1-2. Multicolor and enhanced emission bioluminescence using firefly luciferin
      Masahiro Kiyama, Ryohei Saito, Satoshi Iwano, Rika Obata, Haruki Niwa, Shojiro Maki
  2. Fluorescence imaging
    • 2-1. pH homeostasis in contracting and recovering skeletal muscle: Integrated function of the microcirculation with the interstitium and intramyocyte milieu
      Yoshinori Tanaka, David C Poole, and Yutaka Kano
    • 2-2. Calcium signaling in mammalian eggs at fertilization
      Hideki Shirakawa, Takashi Kikuchi, and Masahiko Ito
    • 2-3. Fluorescence imaging of blood flow velocity in the rodent brain
      Kazuto Masamoto, Ryo Hoshikawa, Hiroshi Kawaguchi
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging
    • Multivariate analysis of magnetic resonance imaging signals of the human brain
      Yoichi Miyawaki
  4. Nuclear imaging:
    • 4-1. Applications of nuclear technique to biological sciences-- Labelled compounds, radioactive tracers, and X-ray tomography
      Yoshio Kobayashi
    • 4-2. [18F]-containing Positron Emission Tomography probe conjugation methodology toward for biologics as specific binders for tumors
      Kenji Arimitsu, Hiroyuki Kimura, Yoshinori Arai, Kazuto Mochizuki, and Masumi Taki