December 2018 Issue
Researcher Video Profiles

Naoya Koizumi, Assistant Professor, Media Information Science Course, Department of Informatics

Naoya Koizumi

Naoya Koizumi's research is on building digital expression technology for public spaces. He is pursuing information technology to add color to public spaces such as parks and halls, build a new media expression suitable for mature cities to surprise and inspire people.

Virtual reality technology plays an important role as an interface in current cyber physical systems and wearable type information presentation equipment mainly HMD is a hot topic. The problem with wearables is that even though it is in the same space, the same information cannot be shared. He is thinking about information presentation and sharing methods that people share together.

Currently his mainly focusing on spatial projection type information presentation technology, and with the challenge being to display aerial images in many different kinds of places in real space. In particular, he has achieved good results in a system based on using reflection from environmental materials, display separation method, and designing ambient lighting aerial image. This research was were selected for the "innovative technologies awards" for 2017 and 2018.

He would like to establish this expression technology for actual public spaces. Please contact us for more information about our research.

Further information

Naoya Koizumi
Assistant Professor, Media Information Science Course of the Department of Informatics.

Research Highlight: Digital Public Media: Mid-air Display Technology